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What does Kiip do?

In a nutshell...

Kiip helps companies reward people when they win. Win in a game or accomplish something in an app, and win great rewards from brands. It's advertising, product placement, and good, clean fun all wrapped in one package.


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In more words...

To anyone out there taking time away from your mobile apps and games to read this, Trabert's got a question for you: wouldn't it be awesome to win stuff (like real stuff) when you win in those games or do awesome stuff in your apps? That's where Kiip comes in.

With Kiip's solution, gamers and users get free stuff like lattes, gift certificates, maybe even vacations when they kick butt. Brands, in turn, get to reach consumers at just the right moments: Imagine a free song when you hit a mile marker on a run, a smoothie when you finish a workout, or a gift certificate when finish a level in a game. And Kiip helps developers build advertising revenue streams into their apps in ways that aren't annoying.

What is it like to work at Kiip?

In a nutshell...

These guys are equal parts beer pong and chess. They're high energy, intense, super smart go-getters who face problems head on and have fun while doing it. This isn't a place to blend into the background or just get by.


Image source: Kiip Facebook page

In more words...

Kiip has a unique product and you really have to be a true believer in the brand and the mission to work here. This isn't a place to sit back and let things happen - it's super high energy and pretty intense. People here are excited to meet challenges and face problems. This is not a place for the timid.

And did we say these guys are go-getters? You get a ton of autonomy here, but that also means a good deal of responsibility. Everyone's given insight to the company's overall strategy and leeway to implement new ideas and proposals as long as they are in line with that strategy.

So don't expect your typical 9-5 here. Kiipers kiip on kiiping on. When your CEO is the tech world's Doogie Howser, you know you have to bust your butt (Brian Wong entered the startup world at age 16, graduated college at 18, and co-founded Kiip at 19). Kiip employees come in early, stay late and spend a lot of time with each other. But they have fun doing it - whether its cranking out a big project, jumping into a riveting beer pong matchup, or unwinding with a FIFA video game marathon, these guys enjoy their time with each other.

Oh, and when they do leave, a growing group of them do so on motorcycles, so there's that. We told you this isn't a place for the timid.


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